Conjoined III The Final Chapter

This past weekend was the closing of a group art show I was in at the Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica. This was the third year for this amazing sculpture show curated by artist Chet Zar, who also released his new book Black Magic The Art of Chet Zar.  It’s a fantastic collection of special effects artists, painters, and 3d artists showcasing their latest work. Below are some images I took of the show and links to magazine reviews, etc.

Brave New Worlds: “Futurology” and Heidi Taillifer at Copro Gallery

Slap Ya Mama and Copro Gallery Futurology

Preview: “Futurology” Group Show at Copro Gallery

Me and Chet right after he signed my copy of Black Magic, The Art of Chet Zar!

The huge crowd outside building up before the show

Jaremy Aiello’s “Guardian Something”

Me and Gary Pressman, Copro Gallery Director.

People checking out my latest piece, “The Virgin”

My good friend Russ Lukich and his “Insmouth Look” creature

Don’t you just want to kiss those fish lips!

My favorite painting by Scott Stoddard

My “Make Me pretty” piece

The Top half of Laurie Hassold’s “Lady in Waiting”

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